Anshuman Malhotra and Roshni Wadhwani were one of the strongest couples on Splitsvilla 11. The two seemed to have a strong bond on the show and the ‘Oracle’ also deemed them as a compatible pair. Their chemistry had their fans shipping for them. Even after the show, the couple’s social media PDA was enough to prove how much they were into each other. They were one of the few couples who was expected to make it till the end.

However, not all love stories last forever, and sadly, Anshuman and Roshni have also parted ways now. The couple chose to make the news public via social media. Roshi was chatting with her followers using Instagram’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ feature. Answering one of the questions which read, “Why did you and Anshuman break up?”, Roshni said, “I think some people are not meant to be together and we have to accept this sooner or later. Everything ended on a good term. I still wish the best for him and respect him like I used to.” Anshuman also confirmed the break up when he answered a question during his chat. A fan asked him, “Is Sanya your girlfriend?” to which the reality Tv star replied, “I’m very much single”.

*Sigh, looks like the cute couple has parted ways for good.