With every new episode of Koffee With Karan, the host shared a little something about himself before he calls his guests for the evening. During this Sunday’s episode, Karan Johar will spill the beans on his airport looks and how he is obsessed with it.

As per our source, the episode will begin with KJo talking about him reading an article on himself which stated that he’s obsessed with ‘Gym Looks’ and ‘Airport Looks’. Turns out, it’s only half true. He’s clear that gym looks don’t suit him but airport looks are a serious business. So much so that if any of his looks ever get missed by the paparazzi, he genuinely gets upset that the look went straight to waste.

The source further reveals that the night before he takes the flight, the filmmaker strategically sits down with his stylists and has a proper dress rehearsal! Let us tell you, it is an elaborate session, which begins with Karan deciding what he’s going to wear to how he’s going to pose in them to which side of the bag should be worn on the outside for the brand logo to be clearly visible. And in order to ensure that the look doesn’t go unnoticed, he summons his PR crew to inform the photographers that he’s wearing a new jacket that needs to be captured.

Mr Johar is definitely obsessed and he doesn’t mind talking about it. We like the honestly, Karan!

The celebrities for this Sunday’s episode are going to be the Punjabi mundas, Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah. I am waiting to see what they have in store tomorrow night at 9m on Star World.