Tantra, one of the new upcoming shows of Colors is about a family that faces negativities in their house, because of black magic that lies beneath. The house itself is the antagonist of the show. Colors conduct a Jan Kalyan ‘Maha Yagya’ for the family, and for the homes of thousands who would be a part of this and the country at large. This Jan Kalyan ‘Maha Yagya’ is to ward off evil and to keep the peace and sanctity of the Khanna family (Show-Tantra) and the Rajgharana of Shivdaan Singh (Show-Sitara) of Colors.

Have a look:

The show revolves around the house itself being subjected to black magic and having a mind of its own. I love haunted house thrillers and this seems to be right up that zone.

Tantra premieres on Colors Tv on 3rd December, 2018!