Here's An Unconventional Christmas Playlist To Get Your Groove On

Team Interns , 11 Dec 2018

Christmas is ‘almost’ here, haha! I mean, isn’t Christmas celebrated throughout December? I, for one, immediately switch to Christmas mode the moment my calendar changes the month from November to December. Now, I am not the only person feelin‘ this way! We, at MissMalini HQ, have been happy-screaming at every Christmas-related thing we are coming across. Since we have people with uber taste in music at the office, we thought of curating the perfect Christmas playlist to hype you up, get you grooving and ready for Christmas! Check ’em out.

Komal Pawar‘s Pick: Feliz Navidad

Because it brings out the Christmas vibes perfectly, with the right music to get my groove on!

Prima D’Souza‘s Pick: Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Because I love Christmas time more than my birthday, and I love decorating my tree all by myself!

Alisha Fernandes‘ Pick: Santa Baby

Coz who says you can’t ask Santa for things when you get older? Haha!

Prashansa Daniell’s Pick: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas by Michael Buble

Because he has the voice of an angel and is Christmas even Christmas without Michael B? I don’t think so

Kaavya Narang‘s Pick: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Because I’m cheesy that way & I can’t help but try to pull off those Mariah high notes!

Asif Rizwanullah‘s Pick: Winter Wonderland

Because I can smell the mall during Christmas, whenever I hear it.

Shrutee Jadhav‘s Pick: Silver Bells

It was my fav song to sing with my school choir, reminds me of Christmas carolling with them, every time it comes on!

Ambika Nambiar‘s Pick: Mistletoe by Justin Bieber

Cause my husband sang this to me and reminds me of our first Christmas together.

Natasha Patel‘s Pick: Wham! – Last Christmas

Because it reminds me of my childhood. My parents would play it every morning leading up to Christmas.

Jessica Mendonce’s Pick: Jingle Bells by Jim Reeves

The album played in its entirety and marks the start of Christmas at home.

So, this is how our mornings at the office every day start now! Tell us how you prep up for Christmas in the comments below.

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