9 Disturbing Movies That Are Not For The Weak Hearted

9 Disturbing Movies That Are Not For The Weak Hearted

Team Interns

Talk about disturbing! Man, every little sh*t disturbs me. But this read isn’t my rant, this is months of research, hard work and personally approved list of the most disturbing movies. The thing that gets me about these movies is the thought and idea behind it. Who could even think of such dark, ruthless concepts in the first place? What all goes in the mind of the creator? People have puked and passed out while watching some of these movies, what an achievement it is to get a response like that from something which isn’t even real but makes you believe every bit of it. These 9 movies are so disturbing, you will need to pause and breathe while watching quite a few times!

1. Antichrist

While a married couple is having sex, their baby son falls out of the window in the next room to death. While the husband is dealing with this tragedy strongly, the wife becomes beyond traumatised. To cure her he takes her to a place where she spent time with her son and that’s where it all becomes worse.

2. A Clockwork Orange

An imprisoned murderer and rapist opts for an experimental therapy to reduce his sentence, which goes terribly wrong.

3. Funny Games

Two psychologically disturbed teens decide to turn a normal family’s vacation into a nightmare, forcing them to struggle just to be alive.

4. The Human Centipede

Halting at a deserted villa when their car breaks down becomes the worst mistake of two American girls lives. A German surgeon with a psychotic mind makes them a victim of his traumatising fantasy— a human centipede!

5. The Serbian Film

A vulnerable porn star who is getting older day by day agrees to do what looks like another porn movie but turns out to be something he never imagined.

6. I Spit On Your Grave

A writer is raped, tortured and left for dead by a gang of thugs at her rented cabin in the middle of a forest. She comes back fuming with revenge and makes them suffer in a way that is too disturbing to watch without cringing!

7. The House That Jack Built

The name of the movie tells you a lot about the content in it. A failed architect recounts his previous murders as a tower of his art in an extremely vicious manner.

8. Requiem For A Dream

This one has brought shivers to the audience. It depicts the truest form of human nature and vulnerability through a mother and son relationship.

9. Bad Boy Bubby

He is kept locked in his house for 35 years and has never set a foot outside. One day he accidentally kills his parents and goes out in the real world.

There are many more but let’s keep it short as this can get really heavy. Which one would you watch first? Tell us in the comments below.

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