Can You Guess How Much Isha Ambani's Wedding Will Cost?

Pallavi Manoj , 12 Dec 2018

Remember when our parents used to tell us as kids that ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees?‘. Turns out, that’s not applicable to the Ambani’s. If the OTT sangeet ceremony and Beyonce‘s private concert wasn’t proof enough, let me just spell it out that India’s richest man’s daughter Isha Ambani is getting married in the most extravagant way, putting Karan Johar‘s lavish sets to shame (It’s funny how we used to think the Raichand family from K3G was extra. LOLs.). But no complaints, because how often do you get to see all the major Bollywood stars come under one roof to dance their hearts out?

But today, we got to know just about how much the Ambani’s have spent for Isha’s wedding and we’re still counting all the zeroes. While the pre-wedding festivities were held at Udaipur, Rajasthan, the wedding will be held at the Ambani’s Mumbai residence Antilla. And unlike the pre-wedding festivities, apparently, the wedding will be a close-knit ceremony of only 600 people. The wedding that consisted of the two-day celebrations in Udaipur costs USD 10 million and upwards. A reliance insider revealed that the cost is pegged at USD 100 million.

Reports in DNA, suggest that many important dignitaries including Pranab Mukherjee, Mamta Banerjee,Devendra Fadnavis, Rajnath Singh, Prakash Javadekar, Vijay Rupani, and Chandrababu Naidu have confirmed their presence for the wedding. Many guests have already started coming in for the nuptials. After the wedding, the Piramal’s will be hosting a reception on Thursday followed by an open-air reception by the Ambani’s on Friday at a garden in BKC. Rumour has it, AR Rahman and Zakir Hussain will be performing at the reception.

Reportedly, there will also be a seperate reception for the employee of the Reliance Industries and Piramal Group Saturday.

For all those who are planning to travel by Peddar in the coming days, you may face a slight traffic congestion but the good news is the police personnel in the area has been upped to control the situation as well.

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