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It’s December! The month of chilly winters, snowy weather and Christmas. While there are still some days left for Christmas, the preps have already started. Our morning routines have changed from listening to pop/rock music to Christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate instead of the usual coffee. It’s such a joyous time, and do you know what can add to you festive feel? These Christmas Ads! They’ve melted our hearts for sure and we thought of sharing these with you too, to get you in that festive mood if you’ve missed the bus.

1. John Lewis & Partners

Need any more reason to love Elton John Lewis? This one touched my heart!

2. The Big Night

This one goes from okay, looks good to OKAY, WOAH! Also, this ad is filled with cuties you can’t help but gush over.

3. The Heathrow Bear Return

Teddy Bears already make everything 10x cuter, but this one particularly will make you watch it again and again!

4. McDonald’s UK

McDonalds has always been super close to my heart, and after watching this video all I can say is Awww!

5. Cadbury Secret Santa

Cadbury Ads are always the best, this one continues the legacy quite excellently!

6. Boots

Family is so important. This ad will make you miss your family and maybe shed a tear or two!

7. Mistletoe

A funny take on Christmas mistletoe ritual and all that happens around it!

8. The Never Ending Stocking

This one will make you go Christmas stocking hunting right away. What a fun ad to watch!

9. Do A Bit Of You-Know-You-Did-Good

We all love this feeling of knowing we did good, and this ad describes that feeling perfectly!

We’re enjoying every bit of these early festive preps and little joys! Which one of these was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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