Instagram became one of the most loved and heavily used social media app around the globe in a very short span of time. The new features that get added have been better than ever. While we may be using Instagram to a great extent, there are some features which many of us are not quite aware of. We are talking about the feature, which is fairly old, that lets you follow a hashtag as well. By doing so, you are not restricted to getting posts from a single account for something particular but have the access to a wide range of posts from various accounts. While there are many Instagram accounts to get some travel inspo, here are the top 10 hashtags that you should definitely be following.

1. #Travelgram

2. #Wanderlust

3. #FromWhereIStand

4. #CoupleTravels

5. #PassionPassport

6. #TravelTheWorld

7. #Vacation

8. #Vacation

9. #AmazingView

10. #ExploreToCreate

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