These 9 Trending Viral Challenges Of 2018 Range From Fun To Downright Bizzare!

These 9 Trending Viral Challenges Of 2018 Range From Fun To Downright Bizzare!

Roshni Ramchandani

From time-to-time, a trending challenge goes viral urging millions all around the world to participate in it, sometimes against good sense. Most do it because they’re really fun. However, some of these challenges have been controversial and resulted in fatalities as well. Over the last few years, we’ve seen some crazy challenges like the Bottle Flipping challenge, the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, the Hot Pepper challenge and the Mannequin challenge. This year was not disappointing either. Here are some of the most interesting viral challenges of 2018.

1. The In My Feelings Challenge

Right after Drake released his album, Scorpion, his song, In My Feelings was an instant hit. It all started when a comedian with the Instagram username, @theshiggyshow posted a video of himself dancing in perfect sync to Drake’s song on the street.
The video then went viral and compelled everyone, from teenagers to celebrities, to do the challenge. The challenge was to dance to Drake’s song while walking beside a moving vehicle. It attracted the attention of authorities in multiple countries and has even been banned in the Philippines.

2. The Falling Stars Challenge

This challenge was basically made for the elite to display their wealth. It originally started in Russia, but soon gained tonnes of popularity in Asian countries as well. Uber rich kids posted a picture of themselves fallen flat on the ground next to their luxury vehicles, while surrounded by their insanely expensive personal belongings. The challenge spread like wildfire with many popular influencers taking part.

3. The What The Fluff Challenge

By far the cutest challenge on this list is the What The Fluff challenge. All you need for the challenge is your pet and a blanket and you’re ready to go. The participant must stand in front of their pet with a blanket in front of them. The challenge is to drop the blanket and run away before their fluffy friend sees them. The pet’s confused reaction is what makes the challenge hilarious and adorable.

4. The Level Up Challenge

Ciara‘s song, Level Up is what inspired this trending challenge. The music video had some killer dance moves that were so fun to watch that people turned it into a challenge. This challenge was not only fun but also empowering. Ciara encouraged her fans to show off their smoothest moves, while also sharing the 3 ways they want to ‘level up’ or improve themselves. The challenge was done by Chris Pratt, Macklemore, Serena Williams, Janelle Monae, and other fans and celebrities.

5. The Chubby Bunny Challenge
Chubby bunny is a fun game where the challenge is to put a marshmallow in one’s mouth and say, “Chubby bunny.” If the phrase chubby bunny can be coherently heard by the rest of the participants, the player moves on to the next round. In the next round, the player must once again add a marshmallow to their mouth and say the phrase chubby bunny as coherently as possible. The game goes on until everyone’s mouths are full of marshmallows and only one person remains who can say the phrase coherently. This person ultimately ends up winning the challenge.

6. The Momo Challenge

This challenge created public concern and raised alarm almost everywhere. It all began when Whatsapp users would receive messages from Momo who would entice them to complete dangerous tasks. Similar to Blue Whale, if the tasks were met with refusal, the person would be sent graphic threats. The Momo challenge drew the attention of authorities all over the world. However, almost all the investigations were met with the conclusion that the challenge had not claimed any victims and it was all sensationalised hoax that spread like wildfire because of unverified media reports.

7. The Idol Challenge

The extremely popular K-pop band, BTS posted a video on their Instagram that showed one of the band members, J-Hope dancing to the choreography of their new song, Idol. The video was captioned with #IDOLCHALLENGE and the BTS army did not need any more hints. Instagram was soon enough flooded with various teenagers, families and even Twitch from The Ellen Degeneres Show taking up the challenge and dancing to the hit song.

8. The Power Of Makeup Challenge

This challenge spread like wildfire in the beauty community after NikkieTutorials posted a powerful video which highlighted the issues associated with makeup shaming and displayed the true power of makeup. There are many variants to this challenge which include makeup removal videos that showcase unreal before and afters and reaction videos to makeup transformations.

9. The Tide Pod Challenge

This challenge consisted of people daring each other to eat Tide pods which are essentially liquid laundry detergent packets. This sounds so stupid and dangerous, who in their right minds would do this voluntarily, right? Well, apparently a lot of people because this challenge went super viral. Those who took part in this challenge were hospitalised with vomiting, breathing issues and loss of consciousness. For obvious reasons, this is one challenge we should leave behind in 2018 for sure.
This year was a wild one with many interesting challenges that went viral. We can’t wait to see what next year has in store!
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