Shah Rukh Khan is one of the biggest stars Bollywood has seen. So when his two children, Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan are showing a keen in joining the movies, it doesn’t come as a surprise to us. Where we know that Suhana wants to be an actress, Aryan wants to get into filmmaking. But King Khan wants his children to learn enough before they enter the world of movies. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the Baadshah opened up about his children’s Bollywood journey and how he doesn’t feel things should be easy for them since their father in an actor.

SRK said,

It’s very sweet of them (the industry friends), and they have the right. If Aryan decides to be an actor, it will only be an honour for him to work with directors of that calibre. But I think he wants to be a film-maker. Aryan is studying to be a film-maker and a writer, while Suhana wants to be an actor. But, even if he wants to be a film-maker, he needs to study for another five to six years and not just the literal form of studying, but probably be an assistant to Karan after he finishes his film-making course.

He also added that if his Suhana wants to be an actor, she has to learn acting for a couple of years more.

He said,

Aisa nahi hai ki tumhara baap actor hai toh set pe aake assistant director ban jao (It’s not like if your father is an actor, you will come to the set and become an assistant director). Similarly, Suhana should learn acting for another three to four years if she wants to be an actor. I know many of my industry friends feel my kids should start acting tomorrow. But it’s my belief that they shouldn’t start acting yet.

This is exactly how every father should be. SRK, you are also #FatherGoals in every way!