Who doesn’t love looking at puppy pictures? And it’s very convenient too, we’ll tell you why! Having a rough day? Sick in bed? No food in the fridge? Fractured jaw? Look at puppy pictures and you’ll forget all the troubles that are known to have existed in the universe. The obsession has reached a level where there are now Instagram accounts of puppies as well (defs not complaining, we need more of them TBH). We’re team puppies > humans, always! If you feel the same way, these 10 Instagram accounts will bless your feed every day!

1. @itsdougthepug

2. @mensweardog

3. @norbert

4. @ralphthecorgi

5. @marniethedog

6. @retrieverpuppies

7. @dogsofinstagram

8. @dogs.lovers

9. @thedogist

10. @poochofnyc

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