Vikas Gupta Posted An Emotional Message After Famous Vlogger Danish Zehen Passed Away

Priyanka Parmar , 20 Dec 2018
Vikas Gupta, Danish Zehen (Source: Instagram | @lostboyjourney)
Vikas Gupta, Danish Zehen (Source: Instagram | @lostboyjourney)

Every year we get to know many updates about the lives of social media celebrities and more often than not it is positive. However, every now and then we come across some heartbreaking news about them and today is one such day. According to reports, famous Vlogger and Ace Of Space contestant, Danish Zehen passed away in a car accident last night. While there aren’t any clear details about how the accident took place a report in India Today suggests that he was in a Honda City and was on his way back to Mumbai from Kurla.
Danish had a great online fan-base and often shared entertaining videos and content on various social media platforms. He recently shot an episode as a wild card entry on the reality dating show, Ace Of Space. While his co-contestants aren’t aware of this news, Vikas Gupta who hosts it shared an emotional post.

Here’s what his post read:

Make-up artist, Shaan Muthatil also shared a touching post:

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Ohh boi boi boi … I am in a shock to wake up to this news … Y u man 😢u inspired us with ur hard work and ur amazing nature … I remember seeing u for the 1st time in a salon to the crazy night I just can't believe what happen NW. When everybody told me to stop to do YouTube u used to inspire me from where to where hard work took u and ur dedication towards ur passion was unreal. Without any body to help u ,u made it in ur terms and conditions. Still remember at night clubs how ppl would run and ur smile seeing everyone …. I so wish we did that video man. And I hve to say I am ur FAN. THANK U FOR INSPIRING US ALL. when the world has his shitty rules u broke out of them. Everytime when I was low or confused I used to go to ur page and see ur happy videos without fear. U r the real social media king and ur a icon. Ur the 1st ppl who tried and u made it man. I wish the world had seen more of u. From nowhere to where u reached it's incredible. We all will miss u and I am a fan of u man. There is nobody to look up to when the world says u can't and u where the only answer to "YOU DONT NEED ANY BODY " U MADE IT MAN IN UR TERMS AND FUNNY CONDITIONS. WE FANS R GOING TO MISS U MAN. #RIP @danish_zehen #icon of this generation #amazinghuman #SocialMediaKing #legend #LegendsNeverDie #danish_zehen

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This is truly heartbreaking.

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