"My Marriage And Daughter Mehr Have Brought Me Luck," Angad Bedi

Jahnavi Patel , 24 Dec 2018
Angad Bedi, Neha Dhupia and Mehr Dhupia Bedi
Angad Bedi, Neha Dhupia and Mehr Dhupia Bedi

Being a father for the first time teaches you a number of things. Along with all the cute, cuddly moments also comes the time where you will do a number of things for the first time. For instance, changing diapers, giving the baby a bath and a lot more. New daddy Angad Bedi is experiencing all these things.
Angad, who welcomed a baby girl with wife Neha Dhupia, spoke about how fatherhood has brought a shift in his life, in an interview with Mid-Day.

Talking about his daughter, Mehr Dhupia Bedi, he said:

I give her a bath, feed her; I am comfortable doing these things because my father (Bishan Singh Bedi) was hands-on when it came to my sister and me. My dad said that my eyes have changed. He said that before we become fathers, we think for ourselves, but now, I think for my family first.

Neha and Angad have been taking parenting tips from single father Karan Johar. But daddy wants his little one to take after mommy.

He said:

My marriage and daughter Mehr have brought me luck. I hope Mehr takes after Neha – she’s honest, has come up the hard way and is caring. He said that Neha and I will have to juggle our projects. We will also want Mehr to travel with us as much as possible.

We are sure Angad is a doting father and is loving his new phase!

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