The internet is currently flooded with slang words and text lingo, some of which are good and some that are the absolute worst. Let’s recap and take a look at some of the most popular internet slang of 2018 and decide which ones we should leave behind in 2018 and which ones we should take along with us in the new year.

1. Woke

‘Woke’ is a word which is used to describe anyone that is socially and/or politically aware. The word gained tons of popularity on Twitter and spread like wildfire in the social media community. Since times are changing and being ignorant about certain issues isn’t cool anymore, the word ‘woke’ is definitely coming along with us in 2019.

2. Stan

Stan is a word which suggests that you’re a hardcore fan of somebody. It means that you’re someone who is obsessed with a particular celebrity and truly idolizes them. This word hasn’t been overused and isn’t annoying to hear either. So, it’s safe to say that this slang word should live on in 2019.

3. Salty

Salty is used to describe how upset or bitter someone is over someone or something. The word may possibly be overused but has also given us some of the best memes ever. So, this one should stay alive in 2019 as well. How else are we going to describe how we feel when someone leaves us on read?


GOAT is an abbreviation for the phrase, ‘Greatest Of All Time’. The acronym was used for anyone who is doing very well in their respected field of profession. However, isn’t it super weird to call someone a ‘GOAT’ even if it is supposed to be a flattering term? I think it’s best we leave this one in 2018.

5. Extra

The word speaks for itself, gaizz. It means to do something in an exaggerated, OTT manner. It is often used to describe people who are overenthusiastic about everything. ‘Extra’ is another slang word that has been super overused and should be left behind in 2018 for good.

6. Boujee

Boujee is actually a French slang word and is an abbreviation of ‘bourgeois‘. Bourgeois literally means the materialism of the middle/middle-upper class. The word boujee is often used to describe a lavish lifestyle. This word sounds quite classy and should be used in 2019 as well.

7. Tea

‘Spill The Tea’ or just ‘tea’ is often used to describe gossip that includes disclosing information that is usually controversial in nature. It is most often used by people who adore gossip and the term can easily be left behind in 2018, as we all should strive to be better people who focus on our own personal matters.


JOMO stands for ‘The Joy of Missing Out’ and is the opposite of FOMO, which means ‘The Fear of Missing Out’. ‘The Joy of Missing Out’ has more of a self-care motive and encourages us to do what fulfills us and makes us feel great. Spending your time doing something you don’t enjoy just because you might have FOMO is definitely something one should leave behind in 2018. JOMO is all about spending our time doing what we cherish, in our comfort zone.

9. Gucci

This slang word actually doesn’t refer to the uber-luxurious brand. It is instead used to describe anything that is good, doing fine or simply awesome. ‘I’m Gucci‘ is super fun to say and we definitely don’t mind to see this live on in 2019.
That’s all, folks! Which slang word do you want to dump/carry on in 2019? Let us know in the comments below.
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