TeamMM Beauty Resolutions
TeamMM Beauty Resolutions

Ah, the last day of twenty-eighteen—which only means that it’s time for the next big list of “goals” for the new year. But before you clink your glass at midnight and start pinning down your resolutions for 2019, it’s time to reflect on your current list and see how you’ve done for yourself.
That’s exactly how my morning at MMHQ started. Out of the bevy of accomplishments and hurdles with all the girls (and boy) at the office, there was a sufficient low-commitment to their beauty related resolutions. And since I can’t put all of them on my Insta Story, I’ve listed them out for you (including my major hair resolution I failed to see through)!

1. “I didn’t see my coconut oil challenge through” – Prashansa

2. “I failed to start a skincare regime” – Jessica

3. “I didn’t drink enough water in a day” – Rashmi

4. “I couldn’t follow a hair care routine” – Jahanvi

5. “I kept forgetting to moisturise at night” – Akshata

6. “I didn’t eat healthy—At. All. ” – Dhanashree

7. “I failed to exfoliate” – Suruchi

8. “I couldn’t oil my hair regularly” – Ambika

9. “I couldn’t resist popping my pimple” – Harshad

10. “I failed to stay away from heated styling tools” – Natasha

11. “I forgot to apply sunscreen daily” – Sanjana

What 2018 resolution did you fail to see through?