7 Web Series That Broke The Internet In 2018

7 Web Series That Broke The Internet In 2018

Gaurav Tewari

The internet world keeps getting bigger with each passing year and we’re not complaining. 2018 was all about memes, social media challenges, people turning into internet sensations overnight and much more. While some of these were taken in the right taste, some weren’t. But the one thing that brought joy to all us internet-addicts were the web series of 2018, so much so that it raised a question about whether the movie industry will be able to survive anymore. Which is why it would only be apt to talk about the web series of 2018 that took the internet by storm, in no particular order.

1. Sacred Games

You’d be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this web series. With some of the most talented cast and crew that complete the series and all the memes that flooded the internet, this one is a must watch. Also, it is said that season 1 is almost nothing of what is to come in season 2. Clearly, the excitement cannot be contained.

2. Yeh Meri Family

The most realistic depiction of what any regular Indian family functions like. This series will make you laugh, cry and remember your childhood. Trying to have fun during the summer holidays is a struggle for Harshu with his mother being a typical Indian mother. This one’s a treasure!

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Winning multiple Emmy Awards, this series is the rage RN! The life of Mrs. Maisel takes a turn when she discovers her hidden talent— stand up comedy. The writing is exceptionally smart in this series.

4. Narcos: Mexico

It’s Narcos, do you really need to know more?

5. Wild Wild Country

The controversial life of Osho in which Ma Anand Sheela plays a huge role is shown realistically in this docuseries. Every episode has a twist and turn and will successfully make your jaws drop.

6. The Haunting Of Hill House

It is a horror story but it will make you question your reality! Will mess with your mind 10/10. Watch with caution.

7. Manifest

191 passengers were presumed to be dead when their flight mysteriously landed after 5 years, but the situation isn’t so simple. Reality is blurred and there is no explanation to calm them down.
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