With the beauty industry redefining standards and accepting women’s natural features as they are, many have now become more comfortable with their own skin and even hair. Especially people with curls wear their mane now like a crown. What helps this process of acceptance is seeing famous personalities unabashedly showing of their curls and embracing them!
One such persona that we love to see on Instagram is ace fashion designer Masaba Gupta. She always showcases the carefree way to work with the voluminous curls. Be it a shoot or just a casual day out, she works the curls in her own badass way. Here are some of our favourite pictures of her showing off her mane in all its glory:

Like her caption for the above post, curls might be untameable but so should be your attitude! Also, the fact that even her animoji dons her natural curls is so cool. It is just amazing to see that she keeps it real even with her animoji.

Doesn’t she have an awesomesauce personality and equally awesome hair? She is definitely #HairGoals for us. What about you? Let us know in the comments below.
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