Here's What Kangana Ranaut Had To Say In Response To Rani Mukerji's Take On The #MeToo Movement

Pallavi Manoj , 03 Jan 2019

Rajeev Masand‘s Actress’ Round Table of 2018 had caused quite a stir across the internet after Rani Mukerji had expressed her views on Bollywood’s #MeToo movement. For those unaware, she opened up about how she felt women should be powerful from the inside to say ‘back off’ in situations that make them uncomfortable. To sum it up, she said women should basically take their safety into their own hands and learn martial arts before asking for a safer environment to work in. (Yeah, my jaws were on the floor too). Click here to read of the other things that she said during the discussion.
Meanwhile, today Kangana Ranaut was asked by the media what she has to say in response to Rani’s comment on the #MeToo movement. TBH, I don’t know when she would’ve found the time to watch the discussion between her promotions and the family holiday she had gone on for New Year’s. But she gave her thoughts on the subject drawing examples of brave girls that come out with their stories and fight against their perpetrators to Rani Laxmi Bhai (The character she will be seen playing next). She also mentioned how these brave girls should never be discouraged when they tell their stories of sexual assault.

She said,

Women need to be empowered and supported. But today in our society, there are a few girls like Rani LakshmiBai who are very brave and courageous. We should not discourage them as they all are very strong women.

She further added on how she had filed a sexual assault complain when she was younger.

I remember I was 16 years old when I had lodged and filed in a complaint against sexual assault. So all the girls are now taking stand for themselves and they should be supported.

What are your thoughts on the same?

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