"I Would Get Bashed Up Even In Front Of Friends" - Uttaran Actress Tinaa Dattaa On Her Abusive Relationship

Pallavi Manoj , 03 Jan 2019
Tinaa Dattaa ( Source: Instagram | @dattaatinaa)
Tinaa Dattaa ( Source: Instagram | @dattaatinaa)

Last year was monumental for India as well as Bollywood with a number of women and some men opening up about being sexually assaulted by people in powerful positions. The #MeToo movement gained momentum for good reason and unraveled some predators too. A few days ago the conversation around the movement resurfaced on Rajeev Masand‘s Actress’ Roundtable.
Amidst all of this, popular TV actress Tinaa Dattaa recently opened up about being in an abusive relationship and it is truly heartbreaking. Talking about it to Times Of India, she recalled how she was verbally and physically abused by her ex-boyfriend.

She said,

I was in a relationship with a non-industry guy for five years. We had met through common friends. But I called time on it, because he was extremely abusive, verbally and physically. I would get bashed up even in front of my friends. I went bonkers to an extent that my confidence took a beating.

After the ordeal that she went through with the relationship, she is now looking to settle down.

I want to settle down and not go about having affairs and then nursing heartbreaks. I have always wanted a love marriage, but God is not sending anyone my way. I don’t want to marry someone from the industry, especially an actor, as the relationship will be marred by insecurities. I have seen several failed marriages between actors.

Tinaa rose to fame with the TV show Uttaran in which she played the role of Ichcha. It is always commendable when someone opens up about something so traumatic. We hope Tinaa is in a better place now and soon finds her forever love!

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