Divya Agarwal recently won one of India’s top reality shows called Ace Of Space. She is a celebrity in her own right and has fans cheering for her across all social media for her win. We recently had the chance to catch up with her over a call and got to know about her personal and professional life, her future plans and a lot more.

Excerpts from the interview:

How does it feel to be the winner of Ace Of  Space?
It is an amazing feeling because it’s the first season of the show. We had no idea about how the show will be but when we experienced it, it turned out to be the toughest reality show of the country. It was great to be given an opportunity.
What are the things you would like to take forward in 2019?
I think my experiences because that’s what is the most important thing in my life.  They have always helped me so I think my experiences are the greatest assets of my life. And I will continue taking that from my life.
Now that Ace of Space has come to an end, what next?
There are actually a lot of things lined up. There are a few web series which I might do with Varun only. Then apart from that, there are 2 movies I am yet to do. One of them was supposed to go on floors in December but it got delayed as I was still doing Ace of Space. So, that might start soon. This year is all about movies and web series.
Varun confirmed about you and him being in a relationship recently. Can you tell us about your love story in brief?
Okay, so it’s a very beautiful relationship actually because we started off as friends, we have supported each other even outside, not just on the show. Even outside in the world where we’re just the 2 of us, we’ve been through a lot of emotional ups and downs. We’ve been through all of that together. The best part about this relationship is that our families wanted us together. So, that’s a beautiful feeling honestly and we still have that best friend vibe and adding to that we love each other. So, it’s a great combination I feel. I really feel blessed to have a boyfriend like him.
How did your family react when they got to know about Varun and you?
They were in shock because every time they used to ask me and every time they used to notice the way I used to talk to him, the way I used to be with him. They already used to ask me, “Are you guys dating?”. I always used to say no, he’s my best friend. I can’t even think about it. So when I came out, my parents literally thought it’s a publicity stunt or probably I am doing it for the show. My grandparents weren’t too happy initially because of everything that happened on the show and Varun’s behaviour in certain places. But, Varun’s side of the family is quite happy. He will probably have to come to Punjab and impress my grandparents DDLJ style – waking up at 4:30 am, going on walks with them etc. (laughs)
How excited are you to work with Varun on the web series?
Omg! That’s like one of the best things happening to me and Varun. Being ‘Varun and Divya’ is very cute and nice. I think when we will have characters which will have some different characteristics and different behaviour. Putting it all together and adding another level of chemistry would be interesting.
Is it emotionally draining to do a reality show like Ace of Space?
Of course, yes. You really need to be headstrong to do this show. And emotionally draining… it depends from person to person. The person has to be really strong enough to deal with all the situations because you have to deal with two kinds of situations. One is your own survival with the environment you are having around you and one is the survival with the other contestants and the pressure. So it’s quite emotionally draining.
Would you like to do a show like Big Boss?
Omg! No, no. No more reality shows. Ace of Space was a lot more difficult compared to Big Boss, it almost gave a feeling of Big Boss. So, I think I am done with these type of reality shows.
There were a lot of stories about you, Varun, Priyank, Binafsha and the equation between you all. So much was written about all of you. What is your reaction towards all of it?
Whenever I used to recall the bad experiences in my life, that’s where the topic used to come out. For me, it was a very normal conversation because it happened with me in my life and I wasn’t talking about some third person. Something happened between me and him and it’s a part of life and I am always going to be remembering him for my bad times to be very honest. But then I am glad it happened because right now I am really happy in my life. So whatever happens in my life, happens for good I believe.
Do we see you and Varun getting married soon?
Not so soon. Of course, because we want to set up our career, we want to work a lot. To be very honest, we will see that for sure but not very soon.
Looks like Divya is all set to move forward and welcome new experiences in 2019.