Varun Sood is a popular name on India television. He rose to fame after participating in hit reality shows like Roadies X2 and Splitsvilla 9. Since then, he has managed to create a loyal fan base for himself and it’s evident on social media. He was recently seen on the reality show, Ace of Space along with Divya Agarwal. In a recent telephonic interview, Varun spoke to us about being on the show, making his and Divya’s relationship official and much more.

Below is the excerpt from the interview:

Now that Ace of Space has come to an end what do you have to say about the entire experience?
I think it’s been a great year. A year of learning and this show has literally taught me so much. I am glad this year has been probably the best year I could expect.
You’ve seen many ups and downs in 2018. So as you begin the new year, which is the one thing you’d want to take forward and one thing you’d want to leave behind?
Yes, I’ve seen many highs and lows in the past year. I want to take forward all the love I have gained in 2018 and leave behind all the hatred I was giving to people or probably received from them.
During reality shows, you are constantly in front of the camera, how do you separate your real emotions and your reactions on the show? Or is it the same?
So being in front of the camera 24/7 is a tough job so I cracked a code for this. Just be yourself and don’t keep any filter. Because the moment you keep a filter and not be yourself, people will know who you are and they will know if you are faking it or not. We can’t really fake for 10 weeks at a stretch. So that was pretty much me in the show throughout. That’s what the purpose of the show was, that’s why I was there. Just so people can see the real side of me and love me or hate me accordingly.
Does your family have a take on you doing reality shows?
They love it. They have been hooked on to Bigg Boss for the longest time but this year was different. They were hooked onto Ace of Space and they were like, it is a lot more entertaining. There were times where they told me you were good here, you were bad here. So they are also like really happy with the show.
Do their inputs help you stay grounded?
All of them. My family, everybody. They all keep me very grounded.
You know talking about the show, there were a lot link up rumours about you and Divya. Now that the show has come to an end, will we be hearing anything officially?
I and Divya are together officially. Whatever I said on the show was genuine and it will 100% continue outside.
Relationships that start on reality shows are known to fizzle out or end soon after. Do you think you and Divya will be able to change that?
It’s wrong to think that relationships on reality shows don’t really last. But we are the first couple to change that. We didn’t meet on the show, we met before. We became best friends outside the show. On the show it was a realization for both of us that we love each other and I know for a fact that Divya and I are going to last. We are not going to be like the other couples.
So, what do you have planned on the work front for the next year?
So, I am going to do a couple of web shows for Alt Balaji. I will be again be coming back with MTV, going to do a few shows with them.
Any plans on doing any movies in the coming year?
If I get offered it will be great. My plan is to do the 2 web shows I have been offered. Then the two shows with MTV.
Have you given a thought to being on Bigg Boss?
No, no, no. After doing a show like Ace of Space, which is a lot tougher than Big Boss, I don’t think I should do reality for a while.
Lastly, what is going to be your first resolution for 2019?
My first resolution will be that I will be keeping work as my first priority. Last year, because of some people in my life, I kept work aside. This year will be different, this year will be all about work and spending time with my loved ones.
Even though Varun didn’t win Ace Of Space, his fans are already excited about things looking up for him personally and professionally too.