Studies Prove That Dogs Obey Women More, And Here's Why

Studies Prove That Dogs Obey Women More, And Here's Why

Suruchi Patwary

Imagine if you could speak to your dog? How awesome would that be! Well, sadly we haven’t reached that stage of technological advancement yet. But that hasn’t stopped us from trying to speak ‘dog’ with our pets. From squeaky voices to begging for obedience, we’ve done it all. But do you know who is doing it better than the other? The women! A study revealed that women are better and fluent in speaking ‘dog’ than men. Which is why dogs are more obedient towards women than men in general. Wanna know how the results were drawn? Read along to find out.

Here’s How This Was Proved

The experiment was published in the Royal Society Of Open Science journal and had 40 people and recorded audios of 20 dogs growling for different reasons. Some trying to protect their food from the other dogs, some threatened by a stranger and some just playing tug of war. The 40 people had to recognise the context of the growl and the results were pretty fair. Most of them recognised the right context but there were two groups that really stood out. The first group was the people associated and experienced with dogs directly and the second was women.

The reason behind this one-sided win was the naturally inhibited quality of women—emotionally sensitive. Women tend to have higher emotional stimuli than men. This helps them to communicate with and understand dogs better than men. The same study concluded this experiment by saying,

Female participants seem to have an advantage in the recognition of the context. It is known that women have a higher emotional sensitivity, women are likely more empathetic and sensitive to others’ emotions, (which) can help to differentiate better the context of the emotional content of the growls.

Have you ever had this argument about who does your dog love more? Well, if you’re a woman reading this then bookmark this blog for proof and prepare for a ‘mic drop’ moment. And if you’re a man reading this, sorry buddy but you have to accept the truth, once and for all.Don’t forget to follow us at @missmalinilifestyle to never miss a beat!