False eyelashes make a world of a difference to any makeup look. They add a touch of sultriness and drama that mascara simply can’t compete with. False lashes are available in all types of sizes and shapes and choosing one that suits your eyes the most can be difficult. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back! Keep reading to find out what lashes will flatter you the most, based on your eye shape.

1. Round Eyes

If you’re a doe-eyed person, a strip lash which is longer towards the ends is the most suitable pick. It will give your big, round eyes a sexy flick at the end, which will make it look more like a cat eye.

2. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes tend to have an excess of skin on their eyelid which can make their eyes look small. Lashes that are longer in the center and shorter towards the ends are a great match as they give an illusion of depth.

3. Monolids

Monolids are an eye shape that don’t have a visible crease. There is only single eyelid instead of a double eyelid. For an illusion of bigger and brighter eyes, lashes that are wispy and wide are most suitable.

4. Deep Set Eyes

Deep set eyes have a heavy brow bone that covers most of their eyelid. Long, fluttery lashes that add drama to your eyes will flatter this eye shape the most.

5. Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are an ideal eye shape and can easily pull off any false lashes. Choose any pair of lashes that you think look the best on you and you’re ready to go!
We hope that this will help you look for lashes that flatter your eye shape. Which of these lashes compliment your eye shape the most? Let us know in the comments below.
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