These Memes Prove Who The 'Real' Winner Of The Red Carpet At The Golden Globe Awards Was

Gaurav Tewari , 07 Jan 2019

The 76th Golden Globe Awards had a lot of funny moments to offer, like every other year. So many talented people under one roof being recognised and appreciated for their hard work. But apart from these famous people, there was one such woman who became an instant internet sensation during the red carpet. It was the ‘Fiji Water Lady’! If you’ve been even slightly active on social media since this morning, you must have come across her photobombing #LikeABoss almost every celebrity’s pictures.
Dubbed as ‘Fiji Water Lady’, she was later identified as model Kelleth Cuthbert by some very dedicated internet users. Carrying a tray of Fiji Water bottles, Kelleth practically walked herself to fame TBH. Posing like a diva, she made sure all her angles were oh-so-fine. People all over the internet are hooting for her and we think she nailed all her photobombs. This, of course, woke up the meme enthusiasts and the results are way too funny. Check out some of the best memes here.

Looks like a star was definitely born during the Golden Globe Awards this year and what a way did she own the show. The thirst was real. You do you, girl!

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