Sunday means a steaming cup of gossip and news thanks to Koffee With Karan and this time it was star cricketers Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul who graced the couch. While it was great to see these celebrities on the show, it was almost cringe-worthy to sit through the entire episode. Especially the part where Hardik was quite nonchalant when he not only revealed that his parents were completely cool talking about sex but also went on to say ‘Aaj main karke aaya’ when he had lost his virginity to them. This just goes to prove how celebrity status and money clearly can’t buy you class. As a public figure, Hardik could’ve been a little more aware of what he was saying and how people who look up to him would get affected by it. Knowing cricket is one of the most popular sports played in India, it is only natural that he has millions of children who look up to him and are equally impressionable. While on one hand, Twitter has gone into a debate about Hardik’s misogynistic comments the other half is furious that the two cricketers chose Virat Kohli over Sachin Tendulkar as a better batsman.

But let’s look at some of the angry clap backs to Hardik’s careless comments, shall we?

Check it out:

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