It’s raining political dramas in B-Town. In 2019 alone we will get to see Thackeray and Accidental Prime Minister, now there is yet another political biopic in the making. The film is based on the life of our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it will be called PM Narendra Modi. Vivek Oberoi will be playing him. The first poster of the film came out a few days ago and it has caused quite the storm across the interweb. No really, if you’ve not been scrolling through social media and not come across the first look from the film, refer to the above. But also, the reaction to the poster has been hilarious. Internet’s ability to make memes and pull legs have once again been realized and it is too good to be missed out on. So, yours truly has taken the time out to make your day with some light LOLs.

So, here are 10 memes/tweets that have caused me and the rest of the team to ROFL:

Check it out:

Sunil’s Wax Museum = Cheaper version of Madame Tussauds, matlab close enough.

Anyone who’s done online shopping would agree to this.

The feels I have for this one. Spot on!

Older = Wiser? We’ll eventually find out…

There had to be a Salman Khan angle to this. Who’s surprised?

Found Modiji’s original doppelganger.

This guy has his priority set straight.

Then there were suggestions for new biopics and actors who could play the part.

Favourite political joke from the meme wave.

That pun doe…

Ending with some other biopic suggestions we could end up making because we already have doppelgangers.

The movie will go on floors mid-January and the film is being directed by Omung Kumar who has directed 2 other biopics including Mary Kom and Sarbjit.