8 Things All Newlywed Couples Are Tired Of Hearing

8 Things All Newlywed Couples Are Tired Of Hearing

Karishma Govil
Couple Not Listening (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Couple Not Listening (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

I recently tied the knot and whoever gets married will know how annoying it is when guests or relatives have strange things to tell you. Every newlywed couple goes through the torture of having to listen to people giving them advice that they really don’t need. Among the countless fake smiles, standing for hours, and entertaining some people they’ve never met before, the last thing the married couple needs is someone telling them how to live a “happy” married life. If you’ve gotten married recently, here are a few things you’ve probably heard a lot.

1. So, when do we get to hear “good news”?

As soon as you finish your wedding ceremony, someone or the other will defo ask you when you’re planning to have children. In fact, some relatives will even push you to have them soon. Some might even blackmail you by saying they want to see a grandchild before it’s too late.

2. Does your wife cook for you?

When you’re married and you host a dinner maybe, it might shock people if they don’t see you cook. They automatically assume that a wife just has to cook.

3. Do you like your in-laws?

Another notion people have is that the daughter-in-law never gets along with the mother-in-law and the son-in-law doesn’t get along with his mother-in-law too. People tend to ask this question to know your equation with your in-laws. I don’t know why it concerns them, TBH.

4. You should stay separately and not with the in-laws.

A lot of people will suggest you stay away from the rest of the family. That’s really none of the nosy aunty’s problem now, is it?

5. How does it feel to be married?

I mean, really? Unless you move to another city or country, it’s really not that different. People really get confused when you tell them it’s pretty much the same.

6. Why weren’t we invited to the wedding?

Oops! *Awkward* There was a tonne of people I didn’t invite. C’mon! You can’t invite the whole world. So, when I met them after the shaadi, they asked me why I didn’t invite them. After many such statements, I started shamelessly telling them that I only called close family and friends.

7. Make sure you always have the upper hand, ha.

Whether you’re the husband or the wife, some people will always give you their two cents and tell you to control your partner. Umm, maybe control your opinion, love!

8. Are you gonna quit your job?

Why! Why would I possibly quit my job just because I’m married? Some people quit their jobs but not all, right? It’s defo not a given.
If you’re going to tie the knot soon, be prepared for these statements. We suggest you tell these aunties and uncles to calm down and mind their own lives first! What say?
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