Taimur Ali Khan's Nanny Has A Fan Account On Instagram And It's Hilarious!

Pallavi Manoj , 08 Jan 2019

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so many of smiles begin with baby Taimur's cuteness ☺✨

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King Khan, Bhai Khan, actor Khan and all the other Khans are all so passe now that we’re in 2019. The past two years have been all about another Khan growing in popularity and otherwise. So much that even the leading actors want to work him. I’m talking about none other than internet’s favourite Taimur Ali Khan. Other than him, there’s someone else who’s steadily becoming popular and it is Taimur’s favourite and the topic of our blog Taimur ki nanny. For those who are highly unaware, Taimur’s nanny is the lady in white that always has a hand around the Pataudi prince. While she may not have been so camera friendly in the beginning, she has now totally warmed up to it. Nanny is to Taimur what Robin is to Batman or Circuit to Munna Bhai. So, in this day and age, it is only natural that the Nanny will and should have a social media handle. And turns out, someone thought so too, because we discovered this handle of Taimur Ki Nanny on Instagram and Twitter and it is hilarious AF. Talk about the savagery and sass! Don’t believe us?

Check it out:

That badass intro doe…

TBH, I wasn’t a fan of the 2018 budget either for the same reasons.

I mean Taimur’s nanny is quite popular. Who wouldn’t want her number?

Started from the bottom and now she’s Taimur’s Nanny!

I mean, Nanny over anyone, right?

If you’re a nanny to the most popular Khan it’s only natural you make it to the Forbes Top 50 list.

Ouch! That savage burn though.

Nanny is just like us. The 1st of the month wala happiness is universal guys!

Side Note: Rumour has it that she is paid close to 1.5 lakhs a month!

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Keep the cash coming baby.. keep the cash coming

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It is true. What’s a weekday and weekend when you’re a nanny to the most popular Khan?

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Nanny the Great ❤️

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How kickass is this fan account?
The fan account has stopped posting for now, but I really hope that they restart! Coz these posts are giving me life!

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