4 Reasons You Should Watch Vicky Kaushal's URI- The Surgical Strike

Pallavi Manoj , 10 Jan 2019

2019 has quite a few interesting movies that are soon be released. First in line to start off the year is Vicky Kaushal‘s URI- The Surgical Strike. Yes, sure we’ve seen a lot of war films through the years. But, only some have managed to leave an impact on us. URI directed and written by Aditya Dhar and produced by Ronnie Screwvala excels in telling the story through the real-life events it is based on. Minus a few cliched desh bhakti dialogues and its suspiciously close proximity to the 2019 elections, it is definitely a movie worth spending your time on.

Here are 4 reasons why you should head to the theatres for this flick:

The Story

The story is one of the prime reasons why anyone would be interested in the film. It revolves around the real-life surgical strikes conducted and strategized by the Indian army against terrorist organisations in Pakistan occupied Kashmir in retaliation to an attack by the militants on the Indian army posted there. The movie manages to capture this story through the eyes of the protagonist Major Vihaan Singh Shergill played by Vicky. Who, other than the national concerns, also has to deal with personal problems at home like his mother’s illness. In spite of knowing where the story is headed towards, you will be eager to watch what happens next because Aditya treats us by laying out the complex mission conducted by the Indian army that was earlier classified information. The details of the mission and how it gets executed is the most interesting part of the film. While the movie is based on true events and information, it is not absent of some creative liberties in terms of punchlines spoken by the protagonist.

The  Acting

The main reason to watch this movie is the amazing array of actors in this film. There is hype around Vicky Kaushal for a reason. It is clear that he has put his heart and soul into Vihaan. Not only has he buffed up for the role, but he also moves us to feel for his character. Next in line to deliver was the character who had quite a lot of screen time, the national security adviser Mr.Govind played by Paresh Rawal. There is really no need to get into how brilliant he is. We finally get to see Yami Gautam in something other than a girl-next-door avatar and that enough should be a reason to like her in the film. She is quite good as the undercover intelligent officer and you sort of wish to see more of her. Mohit Raina makes a promising debut as Major Karan Kashyap. But, Kirti Kulhari who did amazingly well in Pink is pushed to the background.

The Combat Sequences

While the action is obviously great, what really wins your attention is the technical aspects of how it’s been shot. The gunfire, fist fights, and other combat sequences are realistically shot.  Sometimes more than the script or other creative aspects of it, the raw feel of the shots is what will keep you interested in the movie. Also, the intense training that the actors went through for the film has come across on screen and is undoubtedly one of the major plus points of this flick.

The Purpose

While the proximity of this movie to the election and the amount of screen time characters of PM Narendra Modi and his national security advisor gets in the film may make you suspicious of its intention, the film is still a noble attempt at paying tribute to the army. While you know the story, as you travel with Vihaan you can’t help but feel for his character and the mission he has set out to achieve. If the film was meant to fire up your patriotism it definitely does that. It also throws light on the sacrifices our armed forces make to keep us safe and it makes you feel all the more proud.  There are various instances when you want to say Jai Hind too.
All in all, a great film to start off 2019 with.

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