Lab-Grown Diamonds Are The Newest Millennial-Approved Trend—And Here's Why

Team Interns , 10 Jan 2019

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Lab-grown diamonds are the newest trend that has taken over the multi-billion dollar diamond industry. Although the older generations may prefer traditional diamonds that are natural, millennials are in love with this new trend. Here are a few facts that will help you understand what exactly lab-grown diamonds are, and why they are becoming more popular by the minute.

1. They Are 100% Real Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds aren’t fake stones or cubic zirconia, they are actual diamonds. The same chemical and physical composure are shared by natural and synthetic diamonds and hence they are made up of the same material.

2. They Are Created In A Laboratory

Diamonds are naturally formed under conditions of high pressure and temperature. To create synthetic diamonds, these conditions are then re-created in a lab. Synthetic diamonds are hence created in a laboratory, under highly controlled conditions.

3. They Are Eco-Friendly And Sustainable

Since synthetic diamonds are created in a laboratory, there is no need for mining and the Earth’s mantle and eco-system remain undisturbed. Along with having a minimal environmental impact, lab-grown diamonds are also helpful in reducing child labour and inhumane working conditions.

4. They Are Cheaper Than Traditional Diamonds

Getting engaged just got a lot cheaper! Diamonds may be forever, but they are hella expensive too. For a budget-conscious millennial, lab-grown diamonds are the perfect alternative to traditional and expensive jewellery. They also have resale value and actual worth, but a little lesser than natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are usually 20%-30% cheaper.

5. They Are Available In Multiple Designs And Colours

Lab-grown diamonds sparkle just like natural diamonds and are created in various colours and designs. They are available in many gorgeous hues of pinks, blues and yellows.
Lab-grown diamonds sure sound too good to be true and it definitely looks like they’ll be a wedding trend to watch out for in 2019. What do you think about lab-grown diamonds? Would you be willing to buy one? Let us know in the comments below.
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