5 Places With Scientifically Impossible Phenomenons That Exist On Earth

Gaurav Tewari , 12 Jan 2019

The seven wonders of the world may have been named too quickly. Sure, everybody would be in awe looking at these places but there are far stranger places that exist in the world that would leave you shaking. They seem like places that are alien- like they could exist on planets that have evolved separately. These are places that scientists have had to struggle just to understand how they ever could have been formed. These are the places that will truly make you wonder, not just because they are beautiful, but because they seem to follow scientific laws that don’t exist anywhere else on earth.

1. Hessdalen Lights

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Estas fotografías pertenecen a uno de los misterios OVNI más documentados respecto a luces en el cielo. Se tratan de las luces de Hessdalen en Noruega. Desde el año 1811 hasta la actualidad se viene dando este fenómeno por encima de los valles de este pueblo. En el año 1980 se notificaron al rededor de 20 avistamientos por semana. Ante este fenómeno se realizó el proyecto Hessdalen, el cual contó con expertos en el tema, equipos de alta tecnología y el apoyo por parte del Instituto de Investigación de la Defensa de Noruega, la Universidad de Oslo y la Universidad de Bergen. El grupo tenía la misión de acampar en las afueras del bosque y tratar de averiguar qué sucedía. Durante los días que permanecieron se registraron 188 avistamientos, de los cuales 3 aparecieron en el radar, es decir físicamente estaban allí, pero al rededor de 30 luces no fueron captadas por ningún equipo. Los testigos clasifican 3 tipos de luces, las esféricas en movimiento, las de tipo madre que expulsan otras luces que van en la misma onda gravitacional que la madre y las de tipo rayos nebulosos que parecieran respirar. Uno de los que participó en el proyecto realizó un curioso experimento, en cuanto vió una de estas luces él la apuntó con un potente láser desde el bosque, a lo que la luz en cuestión se detuvo, evidenciando que actúan con inteligencia y rompe toda lógica hasta la fecha. Estos avistamientos se siguen dando y hasta la fecha no hay explicación certera de lo que se trata. No son arcoiris, no son aviones, no son drones, no son auroras boreales ni estrellas… Fenómenos similares ocurren en otros puntos de la tierra y la pregunta es: qué está pasando allí afuera? . . . . . #lima #peru #perú #igers #look #hessdalen #ovni #ufo #miedo #terror #real #pruebas #now #vlogger #domingo #luces #tierra #noticias

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Residents of Hessdalen Valley Norway have been living with a great scientific mystery for the past 4 decades atleast. Almost every night, lights appear  that are of bright colors, dancing in the sky while shifting shapes. They disappear mysteriously, only to appear again the next night. The scientists are confused about this phenomenon, and there have been a lot of theories but none of them seem to fit. Hundreds of tests have been carried out to know the actual cause of this unusual phenomenon but to no avail.

2. The Double Tree Of Casorzo

Located in Italy, there is a cherry tree that looks like any other usual cherry tree. Except that it is growing directly on top of another berry tree. Sure, parasitic trees have grown on other trees too. But, they are small in size and live for short periods. Whereas this double tree has two perfectly healthy, grown trees that spread out their branches and bloom in the season too.

3. The Hum Of Taos

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Recognized by UNESCO, these multi-story adobe houses are the very home of the Pueblo Indians. It is a unique infrastructure made of mud and straw to make a sturdy brick-like material that will be placed as walls. A symbol that represents the culture and way of life of the Pueblos. It then projects that civilization occured before the Hispanics came to colonize and transform this surviving region. 600D 18-135mm at 48mm ISO 800 1/3200 f/5.0 #newmexico #taos #taospueblo #natives #nativeamericans #indians #america #taosnewmexico #landscape #landscapephotography #landscapephoto #travel #travelphotography #travelphoto #travelgram #travelholic #canonusa #canonphoto #canonshot #mountains #snow #snowday #snowfall #snowlife #snowmountain

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The residents of Taos in New Mexico have complained about constant humming sounds in large numbers since the early 1990s. It can be heard all around the town and has driven people crazy. Since more than two decades scientists have been trying to understand the reason behind this constant hum but have never been successful. Although some scientists have hypothesized that the residents may be superhumans who could detect sounds that ordinary humans couldn’t, but it just gives birth to many more questions.

4. Never-Ending Lightning Storm

In western Venezuela, there is a storm that never dies. It starts at around 7 pm every night and the lightning crashes over the waters for almost 10 hours. Nobody knows for sure why it happens but there have been some scientific theories about it. One time in 2010, it suddenly stopped but came back even bigger after a 6-week gap. There is no explanation to this either.

5. The Boiling River

You may know of hot springs but this one isn’t like any of them. Located deep in the Amazon, it is a 4-mile long river which kills anything that enters in it. The river gets as hot as 91 degrees Celsius and scientists aren’t completely sure why. Usually, when a certain water bed has such hot water in it, it is caused by a volcano that enters it. But that is not the case here. This one is unlike any other on earth.
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