Walkman (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Walkman (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

The entire world watches as the millennial generation takes control of the world. The internet is what it is because of this generation and there are so many things that have improved ever since. Like TV for example—web series and movies these days are breaking all Box Office records! This generation sure is focused. Well… Most times! We know what they want now, but while growing up we were a really confused bunch. I’m talking about the older millennials. The ones who were born in the early ’80s. We were neither here, nor there. Whether it’s the internet, movies, TV shows, or games, we were the transition between Gen X and Gen Z. And here are a few things that prove it!

1. Hi5 & Orkut

This was our only way of “socialising” online. We loved keeping in touch with old friends and new! Before we used Facebook, we used these tools to network.

2. Limewire

Before we used Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar, we “downloaded” music and shows from this portal! (It was seriously slow though.)

3. Minesweeper

BI (Before Internet), all we did to pass hours was to play Minesweeper and Solitaire. Who remembers this smiley face dying?

4. Captain Planet

He’s the hero, gonna take pollution down to zero! If you can’t sing this, you’re not a part of our generation.

5. N Sync Was The Band

While we were growing up,  Justin Timberlake wasn’t really the “star attraction” of N Sync. It was Joshua Scott Chasez. He was da bomb!

6. Bandai’s Tamagotchi

The older millennials would come home from school only to feed the Bandai Tamagotchi pets. We would cry for so long when they’d die. And then—we’d reboot them! No sweat.

7. When Sabrina Was Just A Teenage Witch

Our version of Sabrina—The Teenage Witch was very different from the one these kids are watching these days. Ours was a bedazzled little teenager with lesser drama than the current one.

8. Super Mario Was Our Pub G

We played Super Mario for days on end. It was ridiculously competitive. That, and Pacman.

9. iTunes Looked Different To Us

We didn’t have iTunes back then. But we did have a Sony Walkman before Steve Jobs decided to build something as cool as an iPod. And hey, we could store over 9 songs, okay?

10. Remember All That, Figure It Out and Kenan & Kell?

Nickelodeon was our jam! We were too old for Hannah Montana, and too young for He-Man.
If you were born in the ’80s you’d totes get these references. You’d feel super young and tech-savvy when you’re around the Gen X peeps and quite old in front of Gen Z or younger millennials. Feel me?
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