At this exact moment, a couple of girls at the MMHQ are fixing dates and figuring out their next tattoo design. For someone like me who has about 7 already, I’m both; tempted and wary… But it makes me wonder, if I had to, I’d definitely get a wrist tattoo. Why on the wrist you ask? Well, wrist tattoos are mostly dainty, positioned in a natural (not too ‘Oh-look-at-my-tattoo’ obvious kind of) way, can look pretty darn good with a stylish bracelet stack, and my dad won’t really notice. JK, he definitely will!
Whether you’re a newbie waiting to get inked or you want to add a new addition to your tat fam, scroll down to check out these simple, unusual and cute tattoo designs. From florals bands to cursive text and tiny charms, these minimal designs will be right for the kind of statement accessories you want to sport!

We hope this inspires you if you’re stuck while looking out for your next piece of ink. Remember to always keep your jewellery and bracelet stack a little on the minimal side, so that your tattoo can really stand out and be its own center of attraction.
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