We all have bad days, some that leave us so upset that even smiling feels impossible. But during these days, cheering yourself up should be your main priority, and these hilarious shows will help you do just that. TBH, a funny show that gives you fits of laughter is all you need to feel better during dark days. Here are some of our favourite shows that will definitely make you ‘LOL’.

1. New Girl

New Girl isn’t a new show but it is definitely a legendary one. The show is about Jess, the main protagonist who moves in with 3 strangers after breaking up with her boyfriend, who was cheating on her. The show beautifully portrays all the characters and their hilarious and quirky personalities. The best part is that since the entire series is over, you have 7 seasons to binge watch!

2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the finest shows on Netflix, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has gained a major fan following right from the very first season and has won numerous awards, and rightly so. The show follows the adventures of Jake Peralta, an NYPD detective who is talented, albeit adorably immature and his quirky colleagues. This show is hilariously adorable with its humor and will definitely cheer you up on your difficult days.

3. Superstore

Superstore is a show that is about a group of employees that work in a big-box store called Cloud 9. The show is hilariously honest about the lives of people that work in retail and also highlights the several issues of the corporate and retail world. From Brett to Cheyenne, this show is full of characters that have unique and funny personalities that will definitely grow on you.

4. Modern Family

Modern Family has been a huge hit on the small screen and has stayed that way for the longest time. With a family that truly lives up to the show’s name with characters that range from sassy uncles to hilarious nieces and nephews, this show will warm your heart.

5. Community

Community is about a group of adults that go to the same community college. The show is written brilliantly with characters like you’ve never seen before. This quirky show is sweet, super funny and sometimes surprisingly deep and emotional. This is one show you don’t wanna miss out on!
We hope that these shows will cheer you up and make you feel at least a lil‘ happy on the days you feel down. Which of these is a show you can’t wait to binge on? Let us know in the comments below.
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