Asymmetrical Jeans: The New Fashion Trend That Will Make You Go Whaaa?

Prashansa Daniell , 15 Jan 2019

A new day, a new fashion trend to talk about. This time around it’s about a wardrobe staple that every human (and some dogs) own—jeans! From being worn by coal mine workers to now making statements at the biggest fashion weeks around the world, this garment is the embodiment of the term versatile.
The newest development in its versatility is of the asymmetrical kind. Ksenia Schnaider, a RTW label by a Kiev-based fashion designer Ksenia Marchenko and Moscow-based graphic designer Anton Schnaider created a pair of jeans that are the most unusual thing I’ve seen in fashion lately—and there have been quite a few unusual trends in 2018 i.e dad shoes, thong jeans and more. And it seems like these half skinny-half flared pants are going to fit right into that list.
The label created a pair of jeans that had one leg skinny and the other leg flared, serving the needs of the people who can never pick between a pair of flared or skinny jeans. Keep scrolling to see what the jeans look like:

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Such an unusual idea but we’re sure it won’t be long before we see it being sported by international bloggers and celebrities on Instagram. What do think of these pants? Do let us know in the comments below!
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