Anand Ahuja, Sonam Kapoor (Source: Instagram | @anandahuja)
Anand Ahuja, Sonam Kapoor (Source: Instagram | @anandahuja)

The above picture is just one example of just how cute Sonam K Ahuja and Anand S Ahuja are. While we started getting social media glimpses of their cute moments a few years ago and it has only increased after they’ve tied the knot, to our absolute delight.
Today, Sonam joined the rest of the internet in taking the #10YearChallenge and shared a picture of her at 23 from the sets of Delhi 6 vs her at 33 shooting for Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. You see absolutely no difference in the way Sonam looks which causes us to believe that she just might be a vampire, but the best part she thinks so too. Not that she’s a vampire, but that she doesn’t look a day older. She even asked her followers whether they think she’s got her dad Anil Kapoor’s genes and we say HELL YEAH!

What do you think?

But, other than the post itself, something that caught our eye was Sonam’s hubby’s comment on the picture. It is super cute and funny.

Check it out:

Anand Ahuja's comment on Sonam Kapoor's post
Anand Ahuja’s comment on Sonam Kapoor’s post

How adorable are these two? I mean, really!

Hoping for more social media love between them to come our way so we can obsess over them