The Dot That Went For A Walk Is The Book You Need To Gift Your Sons And Daughters

The Dot That Went For A Walk Is The Book You Need To Gift Your Sons And Daughters

Suruchi Patwary

2019 is the year of change and the women are making it happen! We could say this new book on the block will help in teaching women empowerment at an early stage. The Dot That Went For A Walk, an extraordinary children’s book, just launched yesterday and here’s why it needs to be celebrated!
Our childhood years are considered to be the moulding years of our life, which is why it is so important to teach the right things at an early stage. Considering all the positive changes happening around us already, this book is like a cherry on top and hence a must-read for your children.

About The Book

The Dot That Went For A Walk, a children’s book published by Caterpillar Wing, is an inspiring initiative with short stories from 51 women, who have achieved great heights in various fields- including Rani Laxmi Bai, Tarla Dalal, Ritu Kumar, Deepika Padukone, and Joyita Mondal. This book is unlike other children’s books and talks about real stories and real women, who have empowered the world with their actions. It is a new way of storytelling which was a welcome change. The book also has uber creative and apt illustrations by 51 artists from across the country.
The book ticks off all the boxes and some more when it comes to positive plus fun learning style. Firstly, it talks about women from all walks of life. Subjects that are otherwise tabooed to talk about are discussed in the simplest and easiest manner for a child to understand and know about. Women who conquered their struggles with depression, gender identity and much more speak about it in this book. Apart from the stories, there are many cool activities in the book for the kids to make it a fun and interesting experience. And what we really loved about the book is that the kids can recap these stories with the help of fun and interactive stickers!

A Dot That Went For A Walk
A Dot That Went For A Walk

The Genius Minds Behind This

The book has been curated by 3 boss women- Sarada Akinenni, Reema Gupta and Lakshmi Nambiar. They were all immensely influenced by their mothers and daughters. This inspired them to create stories that would help the next generation ace their dreams. We got in touch with them and got to know more about the book. Here’s what they had to say:
What drove you to come up with a book that is so unique?

We are three friends with a passion to inspire children to be original through the stories of 51 pioneering women. We are tired of the gender stereotypes that exist in fairy tales (Damsel in distress) and its time we change the narrative and tell real stories of real women.
Also, when we asked our kids and their friends who their female role models were, they struggled to come up with any names. When we probed further they could only come up with people in entertainment. Sadly, the boys could not even name a few. We knew that Indian women role models couldn’t be such a finite set. Through these stories we would like a child to be inspired to dream bigger, think of new possibilities and fight harder against self-doubt.

Do you plan on adding more of such books in the near future?

The book reflects the tip of the iceberg. We hope to build on this conversation and engage with our readers to identify local heroes who question conventions, celebrate uniqueness and elevate aspirations through a tech platform that we are building. (
Our next phase is to translate the book into regional languages.
Yes… there is another very exciting book that we cant wait to start on… more on that later!!

After reading the book, we can strongly say that the voice of change is here and this children’s book has the potential to change the thinking pattern of the coming generations. And we can assure you, the kids are going to love this book because of the fun activities it has in it.Don’t forget to follow us at @missmalinilifestyle to never miss a beat!