8 Engagement Ring Ideas For The Unconventional Bride

8 Engagement Ring Ideas For The Unconventional Bride

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Engagement rings are an integral part of every wedding. In today’s world, engagement rings have come a long way since we last remember them. Traditional solitaires and bands and are now part of the past and have been replaced by several quirky and colourful designs that are chosen by the modern bride. If you’re an unconventional bride who’s looking for unique designs, look no more! Here are some of our favourite picks for engagement ring ideas we think you’ll love.

1. Hexagonal Diamond Rings

This arrow-shaped diamond ring is definitely a bold and unique design. It is perfect for a soon-to-be bride who loves diamonds but still wants something new for an engagement ring.

2. Black Diamond Rings

Natural black diamonds are very rare and hold the same promise and elegance as a traditional diamond ring, if not more. When paired with clear diamonds, the ring will have a cute salt and pepper look as well. They will look seriously stunning when adorned by edgy brides.

3. Pastel Sapphire Rings

A pastel coloured sapphire when paired with diamonds and intricate gold work makes a stunning engagement ring. The moon shaped gold work is ethereal, elegant and contemporary, all at once.

4. Opal Rings

Opals look magical and are an incredibly underrated gemstone. They appear to change colour in different lights and have a very pretty holographic look to them, which will make for a gorgeous engagement ring.

5. Heart-Shaped Rings

Garnets, rubies and pink sapphires look breathtaking when cut and polished into a heart-shaped ring. They are perfect for brides who love all things pink and red!

6. Butterfly Rings

Butterly rings look too good to be true and make adorable engagement rings. They are also really symbolic as they truly uphold the phrase, ‘love gives you wings’.

7. Pearl Rings

Pearls aren’t usually the first pick for an engagement ring. However, this ring only proves that they look like the epitome of royalty and elegance. This engagement ring will also make such a beautiful heirloom!

8. Rough Gemstone Ring

Gemstones don’t always have to be polished to look amazing. Sometimes, a rough stone makes an absolutely gorgeous ring that has an edgy and badass look to it. It is truly a unique and contemporary engagement ring that an unconventional bride would love.
We hope that this will help you pick a contemporary design for an engagement ring that will suit you best.
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