5-Minute Hairstyles That Will Let You Hit The Snooze Button Longer

Natasha Patel , 19 Jan 2019

One of life’s many disappointments is Monday morning. Everyone dreads it, gets annoyed by the notion of it, makes memes about it, yet we must move on and deal with it. As humans, we try and try to carry out a number of ways to ease in the ‘Monday blues’ pain… We go for an early morning medication class, we have a ‘pick-me-up’ smoothie, we even curate a playlist for our morning commute, but all that goes to vain if we don’t wake the ‘eff up, right?!
As girls, ladies and a gender that takes pride in dressing up, Monday mornings can get tricky and get the way of looking your best. So, for those of you who would like to hit the snooze button longer, get the winged eyeliner to be even and want to look their best for the day ahead, here are a few pretty simple and attractive hairstyles you can do in 5 minutes! The best part is that they’re perfect for any hair texture, cut or style!

1. For a pretty messy bun

2. For 4-day-old, curly hair

3. For days when braids just won’t stay

4. For a summer-y vacation bun

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I mean you didn’t think I’d ever leave you TUTORIAL-LESS, did you? 1️⃣ I prepped Emily’s hair with KEH Sea Salt Air Dry Spray on wet hair. Dried that in using just my fingers, no brush. 2️⃣ Grabbed a long hair scarf (or maybe it’s not a hair scarf 🤷‍♀️ maybe it’s a belt. Who really knows.) and attached a ponytail holder to the end. Tie it, twist it, whatever you want. 3️⃣ Wrap the scarf around the ponytail diagonally like a candy cane. 4️⃣ Honestly the rest is total freestyle. I didn’t know what this would look like when I started. I twisted it into a bun, pulled it apart a little, sprayed it a little, pinned it a little, and repeated that until i thought it was cute. This is one of those hairstyles you can feel out as you go. There’s no right or wrong. But I will say… that Air Dry Spray gives the hair soft grit which helps those slippery little bobby-pins stay in place. 🌊💪🏼🖤

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5. For a more casual quirky look

Which of these hairstyles do you love and would try? Comment below and tell us!
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