7 Apps That Will Help You Track Your Periods

7 Apps That Will Help You Track Your Periods

Gaurav Tewari

Keeping a track of your periods can become a task, especially when you have a hectic lifestyle. More often than not, you calculate your next monthly cycle only when you are planning for a vacation. It becomes a hassle when you are not ready with your weapons to fight the battle of menstruation, leaving you with blood stains that wash off easily. Which is why recently, the MM Girl Tribe members had a discussion about useful apps that one can have in their phone and a lot of suggestions came up for useful period tracking apps. The first-hand reviews and insights, along with personal experience made me think that these apps definitely do make our lives easier and simpler. Which is why I thought of sharing the best ones (which can be downloaded for free also) with you too! Read on to find out about the best 7 apps recommended by the tribe that will help you track your monthly cycle and much more.

1. P.C

The Period Calendar helps by estimating and tracking your period and ovulation. It also shows your everyday pregnancy chance. It also has a little pet in it that you can customize as per your wish, how cute is that?

2. iPeriod

iPeriod calculates your average duration, how long your cycle lasts, and predicts the dates of your next expected periods, fertile days plus ovulation. The visual calendar of the app makes it easy to view your menstrual cycle at a glance.

3. Clue

Apart from tracking your periods and ovulation days, Clue also helps in tracking your energy and reminding you which days were of greatest focus. It analyses your period length and predicts your everyday moods and cravings.

4. P Tracker

P tracker calculates the average of your past 3 months menstrual cycle and predicts the date of your next cycle. It has a pretty floral theme to itself and predicts mood along with its intensity (light to heavy).

5. Maya

With an easy UI, Maya predicts the date of your next cycle, PMS date, your mood symptoms for the day which are almost always accurate. It also offers a lot of tips about intimate health and hygiene. Works well for overall health too.


Apart from being a period tracker, FEMM helps you keep a tab on your health, understand what is going on with your body, mark potential issues and connect with doctors and nurses to reach out for health care.

7. Period Diary

Period Diary helps if you are planning your pregnancy, want to avoid taking the pill or simply track your period and ovulation. You can also add your own notes in the app to help you keep a track of your activities.
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