As of a couple of hours ago, girls all over the world have probably lost their chill. Because the master and reigning queen of beauty, Huda Kattan of Huda Beauty just announced their latest lash collaboration in a series of Instagram stories and pictures. For most of you who aren’t aware, HB’s Next Generation Lash Collection chooses inspirational women around the globe to create a custom-made, design lash set. And to kickstart their first-ever collab? The Jacqueline Classic #20.

Yup, those are Jacqueline Fernandez‘s set of eyes on the cover of Huda Beauty‘s most iconic and #1 best-selling product.
In an interview with Jacqueline explained;

“When Huda and I were discussing the type of lash, we wanted something that was Bollywood-ish – glamourous, dreamy, beautiful, and a little bit fantasy –  but also wearable, and she combined the two perfectly,”
“This design came along, and it was absolutely perfect: They’re long, luscious and feminine, but they’re not heavy or too much. Ever since I tried them on, they just felt right. I don’t know how Huda managed to do that, but she did it.”

Sharing passions, philosophies and a drive to always believe in and live your dream are a few reasons why Huda chose Jacqueline as her first-ever muse.
So, what happens when Bollywood’s most stunning combines with the world’s most sought-after beauty brand? Magic. We can’t wait for the launch of these lashes! What about you?
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