12 Relatable AF Memes That Every Makeup Lover Has Double-Tapped

Team Interns , 22 Jan 2019

From uneven eyeliners to frizzy hair, we all go through infuriating albeit funny instances almost every single day. So, we’ve handpicked some of the best beauty memes that will make you LOL cause it’s a hard relate! Check out our faves.

1. When Men Say That They Don’t Like Girls Who Wear Makeup

Um, newsflash! Women don’t wear makeup for men! We honestly couldn’t care less about misogynistic men who think that everything women do is to please them, SMH.

2. When People Don’t Realise Their Double Standards

This one has me ROFL because it’s so true! People will criticise you for wearing your makeup but will come running to you when they need to look glam.

3. When People Think They’re Better Than You Because They Don’t Wear Makeup

How does wearing/not wearing makeup change your personality? How????

4. When You Can’t Help How Extra You Are

Being extra isn’t a personality trait, it’s a lifestyle.

5. When Men Have No Clue About Makeup

Most men have some of the most hilarious misconceptions about makeup, ever!

6. When You Can’t Control How Extra You Are

A lil‘ flick turns into a dramatic cat-eye in 0.2 seconds, SMH.

7. When This Awful Tragedy Strikes

If you’ve ever been through this, you know exactly how bad it hurts to break your nail extensions!

8. When People Ask You If You Really Need All That Makeup

When people sassily ask you if you need makeup, ask yourself, do you really need them?

9. When People Rush You When You’re Doing Your Makeup

This is the WORST. Nobody likes being rushed during their makeup routine, nobody!

10. When Humidity Is Your Hair’s Sworn Enemy

Humidity has zero respect for how much time you put into your hair, ZERO.

11. When Beauty Gurus Don’t Understand Your Tight Budget


12. When Your Eyeliner Keeps Getting Messed Up

Nothing compares to the absolute rage you feel when you keep getting your eyeliner wrong.
We hope that these beauty memes made you LOL hard!
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