Gillette's New Ad Addresses Toxic Masculinity In A Way Everyone Needs To See

Prashansa Daniell , 22 Jan 2019
A Still From Gillette's Ad Campaign on Toxic Masculinity
A Still From Gillette’s Ad Campaign on Toxic Masculinity

Gillette‘s latest commercial isn’t about a smooth razor flying through space, or featuring a man shaving which then cuts to a close up of fine hair being slashed down by sharp blades—nope, none of that. The brand went the unconventional way, addressing the issue of toxic masculinity, one that was much-needed.

Check it out here:

As a woman, I have experienced/seen/heard about a few, if not all of these instances in my life, and I believe this ad is sending out a positive message that is appropriate and needs to be heard by many as a lesson or reminder on ridding yourself of toxic behaviour—whether a man or woman.
A few men and women on the internet, however, have taken offense over the generalisation of the toxic behaviour showcased and have called this ad out for being controversial. I for one believe what Gillette has done through this advertisement is a lesson for both men and women, and only features men by virtue of Gillette primarily being a men’s personal care brand.
Let’s try and look at the positive behaviour the brand is reinforcing instead of arguing about the negative—cause that’s our only way to create an environment, whether online or offline, that is uplifting and edifying.
Should this advertisement have featured toxic behaviour and casual negative slurs in a different way? Should they have included women too? I’d love to know your perspective on this! Tell me in the comments below!

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