Nowshad & MissMalini
Nowshad & MissMalini

I’ve dated younger men in the past, and I’ve never come across an instance where the age gap was obvious. We were always on the same page and that’s probably why I dated these men in the first place. However, this topic is debatable among many. Even in a discussion on Malini’s Girl Tribe, most women said that age is not of prime importance in a relationship. I have a similar view and that’s why I thought it’s time we shine a light on this. So, let’s dig deep!

What led this on?

The generally held belief is that boys take longer than girls to mature. This idea was formed over the years because of multiple reasons. A major one being that women got married really young, and had to handle a household on their own. So, they didn’t have an option, but to mature, pretty much overnight.

So, does that mean society plays an important role?

100%, it does! For many decades, younger women (mostly underaged) had been sent off by their parents to marry an older man. That’s why our society still cannot accept when a woman dates a man younger than her. It’s because the norm has been set in our minds from childhood.

MissMalini & Nowshad
MissMalini & Nowshad

Is age just a number?

Maithili Ajinkya Iyer from Malini’s Girl Tribe said,

Totally differs from case to case! I know guys older than me who are totally immature and so not my type. And I know guys far younger than me who are just enlightened beings. I know women dating younger guys and as couples, they just get each other! As long as that’s the case, nothing else matters… Age then, is just a number!

Based on personal experiences, this quote is absolutely on point. While some women in the tribe said that younger men are more open to new experiences, they’re flexible in their opinions, they’re financially less stable and they can’t manipulate you, I personally second the other part of the tribe that believes that these very traits could also be of an older man. So, we can’t really typecast these men. Every man has a distinct set of traits and his age has nothing to do with it. Yes—his experience, however, might. He could be a younger man with a lot of experience or an older man who has been pampered all his life. In this situation, the younger man will be a lot more mature and level-headed than the older man. This statement reminds me of Keanu Reeves in the movie ‘Somethings Gotta Give‘. He was a lot more mature and stable than Jack Nicolson even though he was a lot younger than him. He treated Diane Keaton with love, care, and respect and to me, that’s A-level maturity right there.
Look at our CEO and Blogger-In-Chief for instance. Here’s what MissMalini had to say about dating younger men.

My husband is 3 years younger than me 🙂 I don’t think age should matter either way. What matters most is your compatibility, values and goals. Sometimes those change with age but I still think for the most part love holds the key! Perhaps you need to consider how life stages will impact your choices, like when/if you want to have children for example but at a dating stage its really not a concern. I know that for some women the issue with dating younger men has been that they are not ready to commit fully at their age, but that also varies from person to person. I mean just look at Nick and Priyanka! <3

MissMalini And Nowshad
MissMalini And Nowshad

The question may seem different if what you’re talking about is more than just dating.

Some women are apprehensive of dating younger men simply because some of them are afraid to commit fully at a younger age. That’s probably because they’re not where they plan to be yet-financially. And some women need that security if, for example, they’re looking to settle down with a man and want to start a family soon. Then, maybe, sometimes… While there is absolutely no problem in dating a younger man, there is something one needs to keep in mind. It is possible that both—the man and the woman might be in different phases of life. While the woman may be financially more settled and might want to start a family soon, the younger partner might not be in that phase of life. For example, a 24-year-old male might still want to study further or maybe even go abroad for the same. While the 30-year-old woman might want to get more out of the relationship as they’re financially more secure. Having said that, this too, can be worked out and of course, this is just an example and it might not always be this way. In my opinion, every relationship can be worked on. No matter how hard or unconventional. But it is always better to be aware of what one is getting into.

So, what I’m saying is…

Yes, age is just a number and there is no reason to judge a man based on those digits. If you want to be with a man, judge his character by how he treats you, how he is when he fights with you, and how much he respects you—regardless of his age. Do you agree? I’d love to know your view on this so leave them in the comments below.
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