10 Of The Funniest 'Ask The Sexpert' Tweets That Will Make You Go Whaaaaa?

Suruchi Patwary , 28 Jan 2019

Not sure if it’s funny or sad when people who are obviously having sex don’t really have much knowledge about how it works! The first time I came to know about these confused souls is when I read the Ask The Sexpert column in Mid-day newspaper. And boy, did I have a good laugh! I couldn’t help but ask myself, ‘Are these people even for real?‘ But TBH, it also throws light on how sex education in India needs to be taken seriously. The stigma around talking about sex is real in India. Which is why it’s time we encourage people to have an open and healthy conversation about it. And if that wasn’t reason enough, I recently stumbled across Ask The Sexpert’s Twitter handle (LOL). After scrolling through, I knew I had to share some of the funniest and cringe-worthy ones with y’all. Brace yourselves, gaiz!

While some of these are extremely concerning, a lot of these made me go ROFL! Which of these cracked you up the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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