10 Struggles Every Person Who Stays By Themselves Will Understand

Karishma Govil , 28 Jan 2019
Girl Living Alone (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)
Girl Living Alone (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Adulting hits hard when one lives by themselves. Till we live with our parents, we take for granted many things that get done without our knowledge. The smallest of them is the most annoying ones, once you live alone. While staying by yourself is liberating, gives you your space and makes you feel independent, it comes with a mammoth price (especially for lazy bums like us). Here are a few underrated struggles we all go through once we start living away from home.

1. Filling Water Bottles

You might fill out all the empty water bottles each morning, but by the end of the day, they’re all empty again. How does that even happen? And filling these bottles seems like a neverending job! It’s like time stands still every time you wait for the bottle to fill.

2. Keeping Back Washed Clothes

Firstly, washing dirty clothes is anyway quite taxing, but once these clothes dry out, keeping them back in their original place is even worse.

3. Taking Out The Trash

Every. Single. Day! You wonder how so much trash even accumulates each day. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

4. Fixing Yourself Some Tea

When we stayed with our parents, the one thing we got in bed, literally, was a cup of garma-garam chai. And now, we have to wake up with a million snoozes, drag ourselves out of bed, and make the most questionable cup of chai ourself. And it doesn’t end there, we need to cook our own breakfast too.

5. Making Your Bed

According to the speech made by Admiral William H. McRaven at the University Of Texas, small tasks like making your own bed every morning will give you a sense of accomplishment to start with. While we totally agree with that, it seems really tough when we’re struggling to even keep our eyes open in the morning.

6. Replenishing Essentials

Toilet paper rolls, coffee, tea, sugar, flour and random things like detergent that seem so insignificant are actually super important to replenish. And the problem is, you’ll never run out of these all at the same time, ugh!

7. Hosting A Party

Your patience will truly be tested once you have guests over. Now, most times, your guests will be close friends and family who you’re more than happy to host. But the times you have obligatory guests coming home, it gets really painful, especially if you’re the only one working on everything. First, cooking the food and then serving it. And if that wasn’t enough, cleaning up those cigarette butts, sticky cola marks that someone dropped on the floor and broken glass, if it’s your lucky day!

8. Rationing

If you’ve recently moved out of your parents’ house, you’re gonna take a while to figure out how to ration your groceries. You’ll either have nothing to eat or a tonne of leftovers.

9. Netflix Overdose

Since you’re used to hanging out with a lot of people at home, you’re also sorta used to the commotion. So, once you move out of that house, it could get boring sometimes. All you’ll do every day is OD on TV shows and movies.

10. Waking Yourself Up Every Morning

You don’t have anyone around who’d do the honour of waking you up every morning as your mom did. So, all you can have faith in is your alarm clock that you’ll snooze a million times in the morning.

All of these seem almost inconsequential but are of prime importance. Plus, they are so time-consuming, aren’t they? Tell us your least favourite thing to do while you live by yourself.

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