Freaky Bug In iOS Allows Users To Listen In On A FaceTime Call Before You Answer

Suruchi Patwary , 29 Jan 2019

If you’re wondering why group FaceTime on your Apple device isn’t working, it’s because Apple has temporarily disabled it. Reason? A bug was discovered that could basically invade your privacy! I’m not freaking out yet, are you?!

Various tech outlets alarmed the concerned authorities on Monday that Apple users had been able to ‘eavesdrop’ on the person they were facetiming without the recipient accepting the call at all! That very night, Apple announced on its system status page that the feature will be temporarily unavailable. Confirming the news of this bug, an Apple spokesperson told the ABC news,

We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week.

But How Did The Bug Work?

FaceTime By MichaelJayBerlin |
FaceTime By MichaelJayBerlin |

An Apple or iPhone user would FaceTime someone, tap on ‘add a person and type in their own phone number. Before the recipient answers the call, audio from the recipient’s phone will be streamed to the caller. If you thought this was creepy, wait for it, it gets worse! When the recipient hits the power button of their phone to decline the call, another bug kicks in, cutting the audio, but allowing the caller to monitor the recipient’s phone camera.

If you’re an iOS 12.1 or later user and think it would be safer disabling FaceTime until this issue gets resolved, you can go to settings on your device, click on FaceTime and disable it temporarily.

You’re welcome!

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