Priyanka Chopra is currently busy promoting her upcoming Hollywood flick Isn’t It Romantic. For this, she recently appeared on popular TV show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Ellen DeGeneres even greeted PeeCee with a tray of tequila shots, one of each they both downed.

While on the show asked our desi girl about her husband Nick Jonas, their super grand wedding, her upcoming projects, and many other things. But one of the funniest segments was when Ellen contradicted Priyanka when she said she wasn’t that big a fan of Nick before, by showing her a video proof of her fangirling on one of his concerts. The video left both PeeCee and the audience in splits.

Check it out:

But, Ellen didn’t stop there. While she did complain about not being invited to their grand wedding, she decided to give the couple a wedding gift for one of the multiple houses they have.

Take a look:

Now that is a gift fit for #Nickyanka, don’t you think? Also, who wouldn’t want an enormous picture with Ellen in their home? It looked PeeCee loved the gift, now we need to see which home and where the couple will place the picture.

Knowing how fun and quirky both Nick and PC are, you might just see this epic picture hung up in one of their homes in their next Instagram post.