One of the reasons why I get so excited about New Year’s is the month of January. It feels like a new beginning with the perfect weather. Especially when you live in a place like Mumbai, the obsession with winters is real. While winters feel like the best thing that could happen to you, it comes with a high probability of catching a cold or flu. So, if you hate wasting the winter season treating your stuffy, runny nose, these are some quick home remedies that will help you fight the cold.

1. Salt Water

Heat up a cup of water and add a pinch of salt. Gargle 8-10 times with this salty warm water and you’ll have instant relief. This helps in toning down the severity of a sore throat and clear up a stuffy nose.

2. Chicken Soup

Having a bowl of warm chicken soup can make you feel 10x better when you’re down with the cold. It helps the body in healing a lot quicker than any other soup. You can add vegetables of your choice to make it more delicious and healthy.

3. Vitamin C

Your immune system needs vitamin C, much more when you catch a cold. Oranges, grapes, lemon and leafy vegetables are some among the many that have a good amount of vitamin C. Adding lemon juice to your tea can work wonders. If you’re tired of having warm liquids, you can even have a regular lemonade but make sure it’s not too chilled.

4. Garlic

Adding more garlic to your everyday food consumption is an extremely healthy choice but even better when you’re struggling with flu. This one’s an age-old home remedy that is tried and tested.

5. Steam

If you’re feeling too dizzy to take a warm bath, run a hot water shower and take a sponge bath near it. This will help in clearing a stuffed nose and have a soothing effect.

6. Blow Your Nose

Blowing your nose is extremely important as it lets the mucus exit out of your body, rather than keeping it stuffed inside and making things worse. But, make sure you don’t overdo it or do it the wrong way which may hurt your nose. The right way is to press your finger over one nostril and gently blow from the other.

7. Honey

Honey is filled with antibacterial properties and works the best during such times. If you’re struggling with a bad cough, honey helps in suppressing it instantly. Before you hit the bed, have around 10 grams of honey to get that peaceful, no-cough sleep.

8. Drink More Fluids

Drinking more fluids will help in clearing the mucus easily as well as moisturise the nose and throat. But make sure you avoid alcoholic and caffeinated drinks because they’ll have the completely opposite effect, which is dehydration.

9. Ointment Under Your Nose

You can use a salve or a rub under your nose to help better your breathing. However, make sure you apply it only on the outside and not rub it on the inside of your nose as it may cause irritation to the skin.

10. Ginger

Adrak wali chai or ginger tea is one of the best go-to drinks for such situations. Just adding a few slices of ginger in your tea can help soothe the soreness of your throat and reduce the pain too.
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