7 Things Every Newlywed Bride Will Relate To

7 Things Every Newlywed Bride Will Relate To

Karishma Govil

A person’s wedding day is one of the most important and significant days of their lives. All the attention is on the newlyweds all throughout this day. But once the groom becomes a husband and the bride becomes the wife, the couple faces wedding withdrawals. A lot changes for both the husband and the wife. I recently got married myself, and there is a tonne of good and funny things I went through. Today, I’m gonna take you through a bunch of them. And if you’re a newlywed bride, I’m sure you’ll be able to relate. So, here goes!

1. Lots of Lifaffahs

In India, there’s a tradition of gifting the bride something when you meet her after her wedding for the first time. Mostly, elders of the family hand out an envelope with money in it. The month after the wedding is all about the ka-ching for the bride!

2. Dinners

In the honour of welcoming the bride to the new family, a lot of relatives and close friends of the groom tend to invite her over as a gesture of welcoming her into the famly. Honestly, it’s pretty awesome because you’re fed all that yummy food!

3. Missing Home

It’s only normal to miss home when you start living with your new family. This will happen often, but don’t fret! It’s only natural. Just make sure to keep in touch with your parents. A heads up: what you’ll miss most is maa ke haath ka khaana!

4. Living With A Man

Of course, if you’ve lived with your brother before, you’d be used to living with your husband. But, if you aren’t used to it, there are a lot of things that won’t be the same. Like picking out an outfit for work, online shopping or watching the same TV shows.

5. DIYing Through The Day

Mummy would make chai in the morning, wash, dry and iron our clothes, and make us a quick evening snack when we got hungry after work too, right? Well, not any more! Wake up and smell that questionable coffee you may have made yourself after you got married. Get used to doing everything yourself. I miss you, mummay!

6. Getting Used To The Address Change

There will be times you’ll write your previous address on a random form somewhere instead of your new address. You’ll also have to change your ‘home’ address on Uber, Zomato, Amazon, and other such apps. Ugh!

7. Wedding Withdrawals

As soon as the wedding is over, you’ll miss it. You’ll miss all the attention, the outfits, the relatives, the parties and the presents! All you can now look forward to are the wedding photos and videos.

At some point, you’ll get used to living with your husband and DIYing all the time, but what you won’t get used to are the wedding withdrawals! It’s not every day you get to be the bride, right? So, if you’re getting married soon, everyone who has been through it will tell you to enjoy the moment and soak it all in!

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